Modern Ramadan & Eid Decorations

Looking for decor that’s a bit more modern this Ramadan? Check out this list.

Published 04/05/2021

Can we please acknowledge that we even have modern Ramadan & Eid decorations options now? I think we can all look back ten years ago and say, wow. The options that we have now, as Muslims, have greatly increased. And you can now choose from so many great options that are so fantastic. Enjoy!

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!

1. Rasm

From metallic dome jars – to ceramic Masjids

From graphic art prints – to gift boxes

From greeting cards – to mugs

From pillows to – acrylic centerpieces 

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From disposable tableware – to banners

From napkin rings – to gift wrap

From wooden garlands – to metal trivets

From soup bowls – to glassware sets

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