Kid’s Ramadan Mini Masjid Ideas

Create a special prayer area for the kids & family with these creative ideas!

Published 3/8/2021

A fun roundup of kid’s Ramadan mini masjid ideas. We know how hard praying can be with the little ones and encouraging them to do so with exciting at-home mosques are just the thing. Having that special prayer area reminds the entire family to keep up with their daily prayers and thikr – which we all need. So grab some supplies and get building!

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Styling ideas for your mini masjid

A large mosque for multiple kids
by Modern Muslim Mama

Using a different structure for the prayer area
by Simply in Control

A simple set up for the kids
by Nilly Dahlia 

A large enough masjid for the fam
by My Rustic Touch

Complete with clouds
by Picapture

A chic & simple mosque
by Jahida Elassaad

With a tall green dome
by fbeen

Combining different structures
by The Inspired Muslim Mama

With lantern accents
by Syed Usman Ahmed

Adding lights for accents
by Disha88

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