Mamool Recipes for Eid

5 mamool recipes to choose from this Eid

Published 04/28/2022

Mamool Recipes for Eid

Mamool Recipes for Eid. A traditional cookie served on Eid for specific cultures. And oh, the ways you can spell it: ma’maoul, maamoul, mamool or maamool. But that doesn’t take away from the delicious, crumbly cookies. Traditional stuffed with pistachio, walnuts or dates.

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!

Delicious cookies in beautiful molds.
by Sweet Pillar Foods

Mamool cookies topped with sesame seeds
by Moumena Saradar

Yummy maamool cookies topped with powered sugar
by Fufu’s Kitchen

Round date cookies dusted with powered sugar
by Cook with Dena

In different shapes and patterns
by Amira’s Pantry

Cookies filled with nuts
by Mama’s Lebanese Pantry

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