Eid Lantern Gift Box Printable

Make it a Ramadan ifar treat box, an Eid gift box, whatever you can think of!

Published 2/4/2021

Eid gift box printable

Introducing our Eid lantern gift box printable! A fun little box that you can print at home. Surprise your guests at iftar with your favorite cookies. Wrap a nice piece of jewelry or place a gift card inside it. It’s so versatile and you can even get the kids involved with the assembling of the gift box.

Let’s explore the different sizes…and all you have to do to is change the printer sizes with this one printable. And if you’re looking for the perfect craft supply list, head over to our article now.

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Let’s see all the fun ways to use the printable!

Full Size

For the normal, or large sized box, all you have to do is hit print. No customizing the size. Once it’s printed you’ll cut out along the solid lines. Then fold on the dotted lines. We recommend that you tape the inside of the box for maximum hold – but it isn’t necessary.

We love these sharp scissors to really get into the corners, and this paper cutter for clean straight-line cuts.

Eid gift box printable

Once the box is assembled, all you have to do is fill the box with a gift and write the recipients name on it!

Eid gift box printable

Customize the Size

If you’re looking to print different sizes, follow the guide below. You can really customize the sizes to whatever percentage you set the printer to. If you want to duplicate what we did with the large, medium and small boxes you’ll need to print to normal size, 70% and 50%. Have fun!

How to Make a Smaller Box:

  • Hit print
  • Go to ‘more settings’
  • Go to ‘scale’ – hit ‘custom’
  • Select the the size you’d like – we did 70% for the medium size and 50% for the small size

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Download Now

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