Using Technology Wisely this Ramadan

by Ayisha Heba

Using technology for a productive Ramadan this year

Published 4/12/2022

A quick reminder to use technology to your advantage this Ramadan. From keeping in touch with each other to helping attend classes or even read the Quran.

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Using the Technology Wisely this Ramadan

Every year when Ramadan comes, it brings us a lot of hope and joy. Each year we try to refresh our souls by welcoming Ramadan in all the possible ways we could. Being in the digital era, it’s much easier for us now than our ancestors. For example, our parents or grandparents during their early ages,  might have had their fasting days confined only to the kitchen, house and nearby mosques. Of course, they would have had the best Ramadan with families around and traditions. 

But, today being relaxed at our couch, we have the access to listen to international speakers on Quran and Islam and lift our spirits high while we hold our thirst and hunger. Before, people choose to sleep or cook to pass the time till it’s time to break fast. However, today there are plenty of positive ways to reap the benefits of Ramadan at your fingertips. Thanks to modern technology and social media. 

This pandemic has made seeing our friends and family who live miles away even more difficult. But luckily we always feel connected to each other as we are able to do live video calls, share our pictures instantly and what not. Over the past 2 years, almost all of us have had our Eid meet with families online. And it’s good to see the oldest of the family to the youngest on a single screen at the same time, even though they live in different time zones. 

Not only that, our kids also enjoy the sweetness of Ramadan with all the activities and friends they find through various islamic social media platforms. In this way, slowly the kids start having love for our religious celebration and start paying less attention towards other unwanted celebrations they see around them.

Today the opportunities to utilise Ramadan are so high that we get really confused about which classes or programmes to attend. There  are quran and Tafseer courses, quizzes, Eid corner, qiraa’t competitions and a lot more happening online for adults and kids worldwide. Moreover, unlike olden times, the quran is so handy that we can read, listen and understand with the help of different mobile apps no matter where we are. Be it on a flight journey, drive to your work or even while waiting for your turn at a doctor’s appointment. So, don’t you think we are lucky enough to be in the digital era and embrace Ramadan without any limitations?  

Like every other thing in the world, being too much into our gadgets could also have a negative impact on us. While we involve too much in these social media platforms, we should also ensure we are mentally present and not just physically within our own homes. As we all know, preparing food, praying in congregation, having suhoor and iftar together as a family, are all ways to earn happiness and Barakah in this life and hereafter. 

Remember, Ramadan is our special guest who comes only once a year and not every year is guaranteed for us. So, let’s be wise enough to make use of the internet and our gadgets to make this holy month a fruitful one. By making use of all the resources available to learn and enrich our Islamic values.

About the Author

Ayisha Hiba is a freelance content writer and owns a blog called ‘Humans Around Us’. She is a graduate of Journalism and Mass Communication. She has written contents for various UK and US based websites. She is currently living in Germany with her family.

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