Where to Buy Eid Gift Wrap

Everything you need to wrap every gift this Eid.

Published 1/14/2021

gift wrapping paper for eid

Where to buy Eid gift wrap? And not just Eid wrapping paper, but all of it: tissue paper, gift sacks, bags, ribbons, and gift tags! It’s such a fun way to really be festive during Eid. And honestly, if you’re smart with some of the items they’ll last through a couple of Eids.

And this category is growing so each year there is a fun new print for kids or a mature new style for adults. We recommend buying your gift wrap around Ramadan to make sure you’re all set and have plenty of time to wrap gifts.

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!

eid gift wrapping collection for adults

Everything for gift wrap – Gift wrap, ribbon, tissue paper, gift tags for adults and kids

Starting at $12

blessed ramadan gift wrap

An array of designs – With gift tags, gift wrapping, boxes, money holder and more

Starting at: $2.50

Gift wrapping supplies – Gift wrapping, tissue paper, ribbons and more

Starting at: $3.50

Gift sacks – Burlaps bags in varying sizes

Starting at: £4.99

Gift wrap A selection of a gift wrapping options.

Available starting at: $6

Modern gift wrap – In neutral shades and modern designs

Starting at: $7.99

So many options now for Eid wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift sacks, ribbon, and gift tags. Happy wrapping! And make sure to top with a card: Cute Ramadan & Eid Cards to Purchase.

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