Teacher gift tags for Ramadan – Free Printables

You’ll LOVE this printable for your kid’s teacher& the teacher gift ideas.

Published 4/19/2021

Whatever gift you decide to give the teacher this year for Ramadan, it need to have this  Teacher gift tags for Ramadan – free printable!

Not only have you supplied this fantastic tag, but also given you a few ideas of what to give the teacher this year for Ramadan. Just a quick note. Don’t over think it. This will be a pleasant surprise for most teachers and a gift is a gift. It’s the thought that really does count! 

This Islamic printable was designed by Sara Hashem at Yellow Board Studio and IG at: yellowboardstudio. We absolutely love her products and The Little Bul Bul and her fantastic eye for design.

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The supplies are pretty straight forward. You’ll need to down or printable, have scissors/paper cutter, a single hole punch and string. Our favorites are linked below.

Islamic Printable: Imam Ghazali Quote


First things first, you’ll need to print up the printable. Then, cut out the tag. We adore the paper cutter for the straightest lines.

Hole Punch

Next up, take the single hole punch and punch where the circle is. This will be where the string goes.

Add the String

Now it’s time to thread the string through the hole and attach it to your gift. Making sure to tie the string into a knot.

Teacher Gift Ideas for Ramadan

A full list of where we picked up the gifts, with links, is listed below, just scroll farther down!


For this bag we kept is super simple, and easy on you. Just a cute little bag with a gift card in it. The bag is part of a 3-piece set, so you’ll see us add one on in every set. Everyone loves gift cards, and if you know where your teacher loves to shop or eat, then extra bonus points to you for a customized card. An don’t forget to top it off with the free Ramadan teacher gift tag!


The next bag is middle sized one. We’re stepping it up with two bags, the gift card, some gold ‘ol fashioned post its and a couple of cute pencils. This is the ultimate practical teacher gift, with someone for them to choose what else they’d like to get. And, of course, it’s all brought together with the gift tag explaining that they’re getting a gift for Ramadan.


Lastly, we’re just going for the big time. We took the medium bag and added some extra on top to make it a fun and practical gift. We add the last bag in the set and stuffed that with a cute tumbler, come candy and a few snack bars. Balance right? This adds a bit more whimsy into the gift tag for the teacher.

Supplies to Make Teacher Tag

Supplies to Make Gift

How To – Tag

  1. Print the printable
  2. Cut the tags out
  3. Punch a hole where the circle is
  4. Thread the string through the hole and attach to gift

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