Ramadan Recipe Card Printable

Give the one thing everyone wants – your coveted mamool recipe handwritten by you.

Published 1/14/2021

Everyone gives out some sort of food during Ramadan. From mamool to lentil soup. Whatever it is you’re making, people always want the recipes. So why not print out this Ramadan recipe card printable and handwrite in the recipe yourself. Not only is it a super personal gift, but something your friends and family will keep forever.

And while you’re at it, send your famous sweets along with the card to make the perfect iftar or Eid gift. Let’s channel the time when people actually wrote things down with this throwback printable.

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Iftar Gift for the Hosts

This recipe card makes the perfect iftar gift to give to the hosts. Along with, of course, your famous homemade sweets. A nice thank you for the host and hostess for providing such a tasty iftar.

Iftar Gift for your Guests

Perhaps you’re the host. This makes a wonderful Ramadan recipe card printable is the perfect parting gift to everyone. Package up your favorite homemade cookies in a bag and this card. That way everyone goes home with a sweet and the recipe to remember your special iftar.

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