Ramadan Prep Checklist

A comprehensive checklist to get you ready for Ramadan

Published 2/16/2022

Ramadan Prep Checklist

If you’re a prepper, a list maker, or just want to be more organized during Ramadan – then we’ve got the ultimate Ramadan Prep Checklist. We want you to have more time to focus on the core aspects of Ramadan and your family. But please, don’t be overwhelmed by the checklist for Ramadan. It’s a large list, and it covers everything you might want to prep for. So pick and choose what fits your lifestyle and your needs.

The free printable can be downloaded below. This Islamic printable was designed by Eid Collective.

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  • Look at/purchase Ramadan decor, tableware, etc…
  • Start cleaning out the freezer
  • Think about meal recipes for iftars
  • Browse/purchase clothing for Ramadan
  • Make up your fasting days
  • Start calculating your zakat
Islamic Printable: Imam Ghazali Quote



  • Plan a months worth of meals
  • Make freezer meals
  • Prep suhoor meals
  • Prep breakfast meals for the kids
  • Freeze some desserts
  • Stock up on shelf stable pantry items

Crafts & DIYs

  • Determine which crafts/DIY to do
  • Gather supplies
  • Work on projects


  • Send school letter about when Ramadan & Eid, send to extra curriculars too
  • Prep school activities/goodie bags /teacher gifts
  • Grab advent calendar printables & gifts
  • Find & print printables
  • Plan activities for Ramadan
  • Get the kids excited about Ramadan
  • by educating & reading to them
  • Do a few kid’s crafts
  • Involve them in prep work
  • Set the kid’s Ramadan goals


  • Purchase decor for home
  • Create your own decor


  • Determine where to host an iftar
  • Schedule what day to host iftar
  • Send save-the-dates to friends
  • Plan iftar(s)

Eid gift ideas

  • Start listening to what your friends & family want
  • Purchase gifts early
  • Get ideas from Eid Collective


  • Purchase Ramadan/Eid PJs
  • Create clothes & accessories


  • Determine which to volunteer with
  • Research where to donate to
  • Create a message thread with friends & family

Goodie bags

  • For your neighbors
  • For your co-workers
  • For the kid’s school


  • Figure out how to increase knowledge during Ramadan
  • Find classes being offered during Ramadan
  • Check out Eid Collective for help
  • Set prayer goals
  • Set Quran goals
  • Create goals during Ramadan

Days off

  • Submit request for days off at work
  • Make sure your spouses does it too
  • Submit school days off
Islamic Printable: Imam Ghazali Quote



  • Deep clean the house


  • Continue to stock Ramadan ingredients
  • Prep suhoor meals
  • Create a lists for the kid’s meals
  • Check out Eid Collective’s recipes
  • Learn a few new dishes
  • Freeze a few dinners
  • Freeze some dessert options
  • Buy/bake sweets & cookies for first day
  • Eliminate caffeine 1-2 weeks before


  • Think about Eid clothes
  • Explore Eid Collective’s fashion ideas

Crafts & DIYS

  • Grab supplies
  • Find new craft ideas on Eid Collective
  • Plan out which crafts & DIYs to do
  • Finish crafts & DIYs


  • Finish list from last month
  • Check in with school/teacher
  • Finish goodie bags/teacher gift
  • Discover more ideas at Eid Collective
  • Find & print printables
  • Plan activities
  • Do a few crafts
  • Create a kid’s Ramadan nook
  • Make a sadaqah jar
  • Stuff advent calendar with printables/toys/food


  • Explore Eid Collective’s Decor picks
  • Purchase any more decor


  • Confirm where to eat the first night of Ramadan
  • Get iftar inspiration from Eid Collective
  • Plan your iftars – checklist printable coming soon
  • Set date(s)
  • Plan iftar meal(s)
  • Get tableware ready
  • Get decor for iftars
  • Send out reminders for the date to friends & family
  • Plan any other Ramadan parties
  • Think about Eid parties

Eid Gift Ideas

  • Ask for ideas from friends & family
  • Continue to purchase gifts early
  • Get gift ideas from Eid Collective
  • DIY/Craft some gifts


  • Finalize where to volunteer & donate to
  • Get friends & family involved

Goodie Bags

  • Finish for neighbors/ friends/family/
  • co-workers/kid’s school goodie bags


  • Continue from last month’s list
  • Look into qiyams to attend
  • Finalize goals for during Ramadan

Days Off

  • Follow up for all requested days off at work & school
Islamic Printable: Imam Ghazali Quote



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