Printable Ramadan Food Cards / Labels

Let your iftar guests know what’s in each bowl & plate

Published 4/13/2022

Printable Ramadan Food Cards / Labels

These printable Ramadan food cards/food labels are great for your next iftar. Each food sign for your buffet, help your guests know what’s in each bowl. It’s great to have these iftar signs when you have non-Muslim guests to help celebrate Ramadan with you. Spreading that Ramadan joy is so fun.

There are three colors of this Ramadan printable: dark green, black and gold. Each food label comes three labels per sheet, each in their own color. So, you have the option to print one color or all three.

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Label your Iftar Buffet

Whether it’s a fancy iftar or a casual buffet, the food label tents, come in handy.

Green Food Labels

Use the food buffet cards to let your guests know what your main dishes are this Ramadan. And we have three different options to choose from. These are dark green.

Black Food Tents

And there are so many side dishes that need to be labeled with these food cards. Choose to use all the cards or just the black food labels.

Gold/Yellow Food Labels

And the last food label tents are a nice gold/yellow hue. We provide each label in each color, so it’s up to you to mix and match, or stick with one color.

Printables are for members only and intellectual property of Eid Collective. You may not use Eid Collective printables to sell items or alter them in any way. Please do not send or distribute printables to others, once you gain access to the printables, it is for you, and you alone to print and enjoy.

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Printable Ramadan Food Cards / Labels by Eid Collective. Print these free Ramadan printables at - Ramadan food labels, Ramadan food tents