Islamic Printable: 3D Masjid & 3D Muslim Kids

Get the kids involved with this quick, interactive Islamic craft that can keep them entertained too.

Published 3/29/2021

Islamic Printable: 3D Masjid & 3D Muslim Kids. This printable is aimed at getting the kids involved in an activity, through coloring the masjid. And then keeping them entertained later with the Muslim kid cut-outs. And if you don’t have kids, the masjid coloring sheet looks great by itself as decor. That’s a versatile printable! 

This Islamic printable was designed by Sarah Bilal @sarah.bilal100.

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Let’s take a look options for this printable

Black & White Masjid

Print out the black and white masjid coloring sheet – glue two together and use as decor.

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Masjid & the Kids

Grab the kids and color in the masjid with some crayons for some family fun. Include the 3-D kids and you’ve got an interactive Ramadan display for the kids.

Display the Blue Masjid

For a different look, print just the blue masjid and incorporate into your decor and in the kid’s Ramadan area.

Putting the Masjid Together

Let’s grab the supplies. The printables, some crayons, scissors and a glue stick.

Color the masjid coloring sheet – kids love to get involved here! As you can see below…

Cut out the masjids you’re using. You’ll need two of each to make the masjid’s 3D and stand up on their own. Make sure to take this step to fold the side parts of the masjid. Folding along the lines – making two folds.

Put glue on the area is says to – on both masjids.

Now stick the two identical masjids together. Press and hold for maximum stick. Let dry before putting upright.

Now onto the Muslim Kids

Print them up and grab your scissors.

Cut the kids out. We left a little white space to make it easier to cut out.

To make the Muslim kids 3D you’ll need to place them in their stands. For the stands, cut just the part that’s black, going about three-quarters of the way up, but not cutting all the way! Then stick the kids into the stand, with the slits matching.

Now that’s a versatile printable!

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