Eid Picnic Celebration Coloring Sheet

A cute free Eid printable for schools & libraries

Published 4/27/2022

Eid picnic celebration coloring sheet. This free Eid printable is perfect for schools and libraries as there are no specific items referencing Islam. But obviously, Muslim kids will love this sheet as well. But we always want to make sure that there is access to everyone to learn and spread the love of Eid!

This Islamic printable was designed by Nayrah Islamovic at Nayrah Illustrates.

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Black & White Eid Coloring Sheet

There are just so many fun zones in this Eid coloring sheet. Adorable seating area with desserts & drinks. Gifts, BBQ and a full picnic table full of food. And completing it, a little pond with ducks.

Color in the Free Eid Printable

Grab the kids and start coloring. The really little ones might end up coloring all over the place, but the older ones will love creating their own Eid scene.

Display your Eid Coloring Sheet

Once everyone is done with their coloring sheets, hang them on the wall for the next three days! This printable is great to bring to your Eid celebrations as well to keep the kids occupied. Eid Mubarak!

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Download Now

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