Seafood Recipes for Iftar

Fish, scallops and shrimp – change up your iftar meal with some seafood

Published 2/8/2021

Change up your iftar meal with some super yummy seafood. From lightened up meals with white fish to decadent pasta dishes with salmon. Sometimes chicken and meat can get a bit boring. Sahtein!

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Let’s take a look at some seafood recipes for iftar!

Healthy scallops with a load of fresh herbs.

by Live Well with Malak

A spiced rice dish with pan fried fish and lots of caramelized onions.

by Fufus Kitchen

A rich salmon dish in a white sauce with loads of flavor.

by Summers Homemade Meals

White fish served with a dill and parsley sauce served with veggies.

by Cook with Anisa

A hearty salad with noodles and topped with salmon.

by Cooking with Zahra

Spicy shrimp with flavorful spices, served with rice.

by Spiced Nice

Grilled shrimp served with an avocado & sumac yogurt sauce in lettuce cups.

by The Lebanese Plate

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