Where to Buy Ramadan & Eid String Lights

Looking to light up your decor this Ramadan? Search our roundup of string lights.

Published 03/15/2021

Asking yourself, where to buy Ramadan & Eid lights? Well we’ve gathered a list for you. Decorative ones for inside the house and larger ones for outside with remotes. Make sure your house glows this Ramadan & Eid with string lights.

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!

Moroccan lanterns – redesigned into string lights

Starting at : $54 USD

Battery operated – fairy lights

Starting at: £12.99 GBP

Festive stars – in a copper color

Starting at: $14.99

Moon & Star Pattern – LED lights

Starting at: $12.99

In three colors- white, gold and silver

Starting at: $29.99

A simple string of– moon and stars

Starting at: $12.99

Longer hanging lights– Five meters longs

Starting at: $20

A different look– with round balls

Starting at: $10.99

Smaller bulbs– with a remote for ease

Starting at: $5.69

Good for outside – to make the house festive

Starting at: $22.99

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