Where to Buy Eid Favor Bags

Hosting an Eid party and want to distribute little Eid favors, in a bag – we’ve got options!

Published 05/03/2021

Where to Buy Eid Favor Bags. If you’re hosting an Eid party or or simply want to hand out little Eid gifts in a bag to the kids, we have a ton of options to choose from. From a personalized goodie bag to enough bags for a crowd. Our advent calendar toy ideas also make create gifts for these favor bags on Eid.

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!

1. Celebration Goodie Bags
by Amasi Decor

Grab the 50 pack – and distribute to everyone

Starting at: $11.90

2. Colorful Eid favor bags
by Crafty Shiro

In jeweled tones – and Arabic

Starting at: $3.50

3. Gold Foil Bags
by Happy Street

Comes in a set of five – for an elegant feel

Starting at: $11.99

4. Muslim Happy Eid Bags
by Salaam Cards

Set of 6 – in Muslin bags

Starting at: $12

5. Manilla Paper Bags with gold foil
by EidParty.co.uk

Pack of 10 – good for Eid get-togethers

Starting at: £5.99

6. Personalized goodie bags
by Enfruition

Customize these bags – with each child’s name

Starting at: $5

7. Plastic Goodie Bags
by Tehwaar

Get these in 20  – or 40 pack

Starting at: $15

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