Two Piece Prayers Clothes for Women

A list of several different Muslimah prayer sets from satin to cotton

Published 2/21/22

Every Muslimah looks for a comfortable prayer clothes for every day, or a special one for those longer Ramadan nights. We’ve compiled a list of those below in varying colors and fabrics. Inshallah you stay comfortable while praying with these prayer sets.

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!

1. Two Piece Jilbab
by Abaya Buth

A jilbab with elastic wrists and lots of room

Starting at: £54.99

2. Black & Gold Prayer Clothes
by Islamic Fashion ID

A printed prayer set in several different colors

Starting at: $62.99

3. Lace Prayer Set
by Urban Modesty 

Hints of lace in a variety of different colors

Starting at: $95

4. Trimmed Prayer Clothes
by Muslim Stuff

Prayer set with a trimmed details in different colors

Starting at: $58.76

5. Traditional prayer set
by Modanisa

A super traditional prayer set with a floral print

Starting at: $40

6. Charcoal two toned set
by East Essence

A crepe material with two toned accents

Starting at: $76

7. Mauve Floral Set
by Veiled Collection

A take on a traditional floral prayer set

Starting at: $75

8. Golden Satin Set
by Amalia Collection

Satin prayer set with matching bag

Starting at: $70

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