Ten Advent Calendars for Ramadan

So many options! Mashallah countdown Eid in style for the entire family.

Published 2/22/2021

We’re so excited to share these ten advent calendars for Ramadan! Your options here are so fantastic from huge to smaller, with food to hadiths inside. There is definitely something for everyone here.

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!

Encouraging kids to be better – With good deed stickers 

Starting at: $ 25
Location: USA

Downloadable – Print these modern calendars at home

DISCOUNT –  10% off their order total on orders with a minimum of $15, Code: EidCoxme10
Starting at: $3
Location: USA

Statement Wooden Calendar With pull-out drawers for everyday

Starting at : $229
Location: USA

A wide variety of styles – To match any home decor

Starting at: £ 6.99 GBP
Location: UK

Large moon & star – The moon is 60″ high, so make room for this statement piece

Starting at: $29.99
Location: USA

Fabric advent calendar– A colorful and playful advent calendar

Starting at: $110
Location: Canada

Scratch off the days – to reveal helpful deeds

Starting at: $23.83
Location: Canada

Two calendars to choose from – One for the children and one for the family, filled with special dates & treats

Starting at: £ 49
Location: England

A white, small tree – With clear ornaments to fill with a hadith a day

Starting at: $ 40.49
Location: UK

Six different options – Showcase the moon cycle on the calendar

Starting at: $ 85
Location: USA

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