School Letter about Ramadan & Eid

A letter for parents to send to the school about Ramadan & Eid

Published 2/11/22

Letter to School about Ramadan and Eid

This school letter for Ramadan & Eid printable, is aimed towards parents and guardians as outreach to their schools and school district. And can be customized to send to the principal or teacher about Ramadan as well. We figured everyone needs a letter to the school about Ramadan & Eid that you can download and customize how you see fit.

A letter that encourages schools to learn, in a non-denominational way, about Ramadan & Eid. We want to make it easy for teachers, schools and the school district to have the printables & activities they need for each age and class.

Said printables and activities are on their way. In the meantime, down the letter to the school, change it if you need, and we’ll get you the resources for your school shortly!

This printable was designed by Eid Collective.

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Letter to School about Ramadan & Eid

We think having a letter to send to your school, letting them know about Ramadan, is something we should all send out each year. The letter lets them know when Ramadan will be occurring this year and making them aware that there are Muslim children at the school. The intent is to spread more awareness, that in turn, helps to create a more diverse and tolerant school.

If you school district has a diversity program or similar groups, they encourage this, but sometimes just don’t know where to start. If we’re able to help the schools with some education, and informative printables, then that’s a win.

School Letter about Ramadan & Eid

You can download the letter below and use it to distribute to your school and/or your school district. It is in an editable format, so you can customize it as you see fit. However, it is send-ready. You can also just copy and paste it into an email and send away. 

Below, we’ve included videos links and other on-line resources for the schools. We’re also working hard on getting you Elementary, Junior/Middle & High School appropriate printables to include in your letter – those should be out in the next couple weeks so check back! 

We’re working on a comprehensive package that you can submit to your school, teacher and school district so they have everything they need at their disposable. The easier it is to help out teachers with material about Ramadan & Eid, the better educated everyone is. 

Please keep in mind the letter and the printables will be educational in a broad sweeping way for Ramadan & Eid. So that everyone can get a general idea of Muslim holidays. 

We hope this letter helps and encourages you to reach out to your school and hopefully brings about more awareness for Ramadan & Eid and a general understanding of the holidays. Bismillah! 

Educational printables about Ramadan & Eid coming soon! In the meantime, check out the Ramadan & Eid themed kid’s crafts and our adult craft page for more content.


Online School Resources for Ramadan & Eid

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School Letter about Ramadan & Eid