Sadaqah Jars & Boxes for Kids

Gather your donations in a cute box or jar

Published 3/31/2022

We’ve gathered a list of 10 sadaqah jars & boxes for kids. Get custom sadaqa jars or cute boxes for the entire family. It always helps to have a visual reminder to set money aside and help those less fortunate. Make sure to display your jar or box in a high traffic area to remind the entire family to donate.

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!

1. Masjid Money Bank
by With a Spin

Use as decor – and a bank

Starting at: $18.99

2. Crescent Moon Bank
by Also Sophia

Upright moon bank – that’s a coin bank too

Starting at: $36.99

3. Custom Family Jar
by Babble Store

Create your own – family jar

Starting at: $17.85

4. Wooden Sadaqah Jar
by Crafty Queen 786

Thin wooden jar – perfect for small spaces

Starting at: $40

5. Kaaba Wooden Box
by Peacock Supplies

Wooden box – that looks like the kabbah

Starting at: $23.40

6. Personalized Jar
by Louly Moo

Customize jar – for this Ramadan

Starting at: $15.49

7. Sadaqah Box
by the Deen Studio

Money Box – to keep your coins

Starting at: $28

8. Custom Sadaqah Jar
by Pink Bow 89

Moon jar – with your child’s name

Starting at: $20.69

Personalized box – with a masjid outline

Starting at: $38.70

10. Sadaqah Jar Customized 
by Noorah Gifts

Customize your – child’s name

Starting at: $19.76

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