Ramadan Videos for Kids

Keep the kids entertained while learning more about Ramadan through these video options.

Published 04/12/2021

How about some Ramadan videos for kids to keep them entertained? And, of course, learn more about Ramadan. It’s a win-win for everyone in the family! So grab the TV, tablet, or your phone, start iftar and have the kids learn some more about Ramadan.

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!

Fun songs about Ramadan
by Itsy Bitsy Muslims

So many options for Ramadan with Zaky
by One 4 Kids

Yusuf Islam’s kids channel with lots of options
by Mountain of Light

Muslim Kids TV with all the Ramadan videos
by Muslim Kids Tv

Omar & Hana cartoons with a ton of options
by Omar & Hana – Islamic Cartoons for Kids

Videos focused on Islamic prophets & Quran stories
by Iqra Cartoon-Islamic Prophets & Quran Stories

Ramadan videos for kids in Urdu
by Moral Vision Kids Urdu

A couple songs of for Ramadan
by Precious Bees

A new Muslim TV service
by Alchemiya

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