Ramadan Stair Decoration Ideas

Inspirations for your Ramadan & Eid stair decor

Published 02/23/2022

Ramadan Stair Decoration Ideas. We know stairs can be so hard to decorate. So let’s take a look at some banister decor for this Ramadan. These would all obviously work well for a fantastic Eid staircase as well. And make sure you secure those items safely to the stair rail with our recommendations below.

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Ramadan staircase decor ideas

  1. Home stars & moons
  2. Paper stars
  3. Lights
  4. Balloons 
  5. Washi tape
  6. Lanterns
  7. Stair decals
  8. Wooden lanterns
  9. Faux olive & bay garland
  10. Faux eucalyptus garland

Here’s what we’d use to keep it all on


1.  Garland 

With adorable, handmade moon & stars
by Paper & Stitch

Colorful, or neutral stars bring a big impact to the staircase
by With a Spin

Make sure your staircase glows at night
by Days of Eid

Festive and timeless, plus the kids love it

Create large and small lanterns with washi tape on the walls next to your staircase
by Girl Refurbished

Nothing says festive like lanterns lining your staircase
by Days of Eid

For a crazy pop, stick these decals on your stairs
by RISERart

8. Wooden Lanterns

Dangle these small wooden lanterns on your staircase
by Eidparty.co.uk

Wrap these glowing lights around your banister
by Lights.com

Create a cascade of eucalyptus down your stair rail
by Amazon

Ramadan Stair Decoration Ideas. Those stairs can be so hard to decorate during Ramadan & Eid. What to put on the banister, do you go with lights? What if you want to do something different? Then explore the ideas below and make sure the decor is safe and snug to the stair rails.

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