Ramadan & Eid Mugs and Coasters

Break your fast with an adorable mug because you deserve it

Published 3/4/2022

Ramadan & Eid mugs and coasters to break your fast with. Because you deserve that extra in your life. You’ve fasted all day and your thirsty, so sip out of one of these adorable Ramadan cups for your iftar. Bismillah!

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!


1. Iftar Mug
by Plume & Paperie

Iftar mug – with a personalized option

Starting at: $19

2. Ramadan Starbucks Tumbler
by Crafty Emo

Starbucks tumbler – for a different option

Starting at: $18

3. Ramadan mug & coaster
by IFSa Designs

Mug & coaster set – rewarding your fasting

Starting at: $14.99

4. Eid Mubarak Mug
by Diamond Unique Shop

Fun lantern – Ramadan mug

Starting at: $15.79

5. Happy Ramadan Mug
by Erum Khalili

Festive buildings – on your Ramadan mug

Starting at: $24.50

6. Happy Ramadan Tumbler
by Sew Chicky By Sai

Fun tumbler – or grab a mug with the design instead

Starting at: $25

7. Ramadan Mubarak Mug
by Islamic Moments

Colorful lanterns – on your Ramadan mug

Starting at: £8.99

8. Ramadan Kareem Glass Mug
by Sarahs Designs Co.

Etched glass mug – with Ramadan Mubarak

Starting at: $14

9. Kid Ramadan Mug
by Lila + Tiny

Get the kids a mug – like this gold one

Starting at: £7.50

A personalized mug – for the kids

Starting at: $24.99


1. Ramadan Kareem Coasters
by Modern Muslim Home

Ramadan coasters – in a multitude of colors

Starting at: $8

2. Ramadan Coasters
by Nemeh Artistry

Resin coasters – each handmade

Starting at: $65

3. Paint Your Own Coasters
by Little Leeno

Wooden coasters – that you can color in yourself

Starting at: $18.95

We hope you enjoyed these Ramadan & Eid Mugs and Coasters. Let us know some of your favorites below and make sure to Pin the article to Pinterest. And, as always,  make sure to follow us on Instagram for more Ramadan & Eid inspiration and sign up for the newsletter for discounts and free printables!

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