Islamic Printable: Printable Ramadan Calendar 2021

Keep track of everything for Ramadan & Eid on one calendar – iftars, reminders, etc…

Published 4/5/2021

This printable Ramadan calendar 2021 keep you organized this Ramadan & Eid with everyone on one sheet. No need to keep track of everything on two different months, we’ve consolidated it into one page. Mark when your family iftar is, keep track of reminders and anything else you’ll need for the Islamic holidays.

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Hang it on the Fridge

Hang  the calendar in a central location – like the kitchen so you’re reminded of what’s up for the day. And this way, the entire family doesn’t have to ask you when the next family iftar is – it’s all located on the calendar.

And here’s a little sneak peak of the printable du’ua magnets coming out next week – April 12th.

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Place it Anywhere

Hang the calendar anywhere, because it looks great, well anywhere! Keeping your reminders of tasks and events during Ramadan & Eid. So print it up now and get ready for Ramadan!

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Download Now

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