Printable Eid Cards for Teens

A color-your-own Eid card to give to friends this Eid

Published 4/20/2022

Printable Eid Cards for Teens

These two printable Eid cards for teens, or young adults, can be printed as is, or colored in. We figured you might want to send a card to your friend that’s black and white, or color it in yourself. What’s so great is this free printable Eid card is customizable.

This Islamic printable was designed by Ayah Sadeq at @ayah_haya.

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The Muslimah Friends

These young Muslimahs are ready for Eid. Send this to card to your friend and wish them a Happy Eid. The card is completely blank inside, so you can write whatever you’d like to.

The Muslimah Skater Girl

Maybe you or your friend skates or wants to. This card is perfect for you two. We adore this playful and fun Muslimah skating.

Printable Eid Cards for Teens

You can print the card as is at 100% or shrink it to 80% before printing for a more card-like size. It’s typically under your more settings, once you hit print and you’ll change the size under ‘scale’. You’ll need to do custom and make the number 80 for 80%. It’ll appear more card size now.

Printables are for members only and intellectual property of Eid Collective. You may not use Eid Collective printables to sell items or alter them in any way. Please do not send or distribute printables to others, once you gain access to the printables, it is for you, and you alone to print and enjoy.

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