Outdoor Decorations for Ramadan & Eid

Make sure the front of your house is fully decorated for Ramadan as well! From lights to inflatables. 

Published 03/29/2021

Outdoor decorations for Ramadan & Eid to let the neighborhood know it’s a special time! Celebrate our Islamic holidays and spread the cheer to passerby’s. Add some lanterns and lights and your house will look fantastic for Ramadan!

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!

Light up the outside – to celebrate

Starting at: $139

Floating in the air – with a variety of inflatable options 

Starting at: $79

Spell it out – to let everyone know

Starting at: $69.99

Lots of choices – for outdoor decor

Starting at: $59.99

A multitude – of yard signs

Starting at: $24.99

A big box retailer – carrying yard signs

Starting at: $29.99

Vertical banners – and yard signs for outdoor

Starting at: $50

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