Neutral Ramadan & Eid Decor

Keep your Ramadan & Eid decor neutral with these beautiful picks

Published 3/1/2022

Wait till you see all the beautiful, neutral Ramadan & Eid decor to choose from. We know that not everyone wants colorful decor and maybe your more into muted decorations for Ramadan. Maybe you’re wanting your decor to look understanded and blend in. Well, there is no shortage of it out there now, alhamdulliah.

If you need more decor options, check out our decor page for more ideas. And if you’re wanting to add color, don’t worry we’ll be publishing that article soon as well!

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!

Ceramic buildings – in two different designs

Starting at: $65

2. Pillow Cushion Cases
by Works of Khatt

Lantern pillow cases – with Arabic text

Starting at: $31.13

3. Ramadan & Eid Garland
by Rustik Home

An interchangeable garland – with neutral tones

Starting at: $85

4. Barakahville Masjid Lanterns
by With a Spin

Three Masjids – in three different colors

Starting at: $69.99

5. Door Decor
by Days of Eid

Decor for your door – looks great around the house too

Starting at: $129

6. Printable Ramadan Mubarak Print
by Jasmine Print Art

Downloadable printable – print at your home

Starting at: $4.50

7. Neutral Lanterns

A large selection of lanterns – in different sizes

Starting at: £11.99

8. Large Gold Signs
by Also Sophia

Three different sign options – in Ramadan, Eid & Mubarak

Starting at: $39.99

9. Engraved Iftar Platter
by Z Engravings

Decorate your table – with an iftar platter

Starting at: $28

10. Wooden Signs
by Tawheed Treasures

Gold & indigo signs – in a Ramadan & Eid bundle

Starting at: $38

11. Rattan Ramadan Cane Sign
by The Inkspired Studios

A neutral rattan sign – with black accents

Starting at: $29.99

12. Ramadan Moon Stand
by Modern Wall Art

Gold Ramadan Mubarak – on a wooden stand

Starting at: $59

We hope you enjoyed these Neutral Ramadan & Eid Decor. Let us know some of your favorites below and make sure to Pin the article to Pinterest. And, as always,  make sure to follow us on Instagram for more Ramadan & Eid inspiration and sign up for the newsletter for discounts and free printables!

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