Muslimahs Sitting Printable

This modern, chic printable is all about the hijabi friends

Published 2/2/2021

muslimahs sitting printable

This muslimahs sitting printable is a personal favorite of ours. Matter-of-a-fact, we loved it so much, we put it on a canvas bag! Instant makeup bag for you, or a gift for a friend this Eid. It’s just the perfect giftable printable. You could even print it up, buy a nice frame and give it to yours friends as another little gift.

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Let’s see all the fun ways to use the printable!

Photo Frame

It’s best to print this printable on cardstock. Then grab a beautiful frame and insert. You might have to trim depending on the size of the frame. It make a fantastic addition to any room!

Mini  Bag

Grab some iron on paper, a mini canvas bag (8.9 x 6.1 inches), really sharp scissors or a Cricut machine and get to work. Makes for the perfect gift for Eid. For the image below, we used a Cricut machine but you do not have to have one in order to make this bag.

muslimahs sitting printable

How To:

  1. Print the image onto a iron on paper.
  2. By Hand
    1. Cut around the Muslimahs sitting and the grass before ironing on. So you’ll be cutting out the sky and the moon. Unless you want the entire look, then just cut the square image and you’ll be set.
  3. Cricut
    1. You can click this link and it will take you to the design already done in the Cricut Design Space. The image is 5″x 5.5″ for this canvas bag at 8.9 x 6.1 inches.
    2. Or you can use the steps below to customize the image and size:
      1. Download the printable
      2. Click new project
      3. Click upload
      4. Upload image
      5. Click complex and hit upload
      6. Select the background and the moon to remove it under ‘select & erase mode’ – then click continue
      7. Click ‘save as a print then cut image’ – hit save
      8. Image needs to be saved a private and may not be made public – printable rights owned by Eid Collective
      9. Then click on the image to start designing in the design space
      10. Adjust size to fit your canvas – we did 5 x 5.5″ inches
      11. Click Make it (to print)
      12. Make sure iron-on material is selected
      13. Then print

Once the image is trimmed, you’ll place it face down on your fabric. We used a small canvas bag but you really could put it on anything! Take your iron and iron according to the iron on paper directions. We used this cute little Cricut iron, but again, you can use any iron.

Let it cool down and now you have the cutest little mini bag for your makeup, pencils – anything!

Hang on a magnetic frame

We love this magnetic poster hanger frame to hang our artwork on. The magnetic grips allows you to change it out as frequently as you’d like. (With all our other printables!) We like the teak frame and the white frame the most, but it comes in seven different colors and from 8″ to 30″ inches wide!

Printables are for members only and intellectual property of Eid Collective. You may not use Eid Collective printables to sell items or alter them in any way. Please do not send or distribute printables to others, once you gain access to the printables, it is for you, and you alone to print and enjoy.

Download Now

Showcase it! When you print up the this muslimahs sitting printable, make sure to tag us in your photos. We look forward to seeing how you’ve displayed it!

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