Kid’s Happy Eid Giraffe Printable & Coloring Sheet

Hang up this playful Eid giraffe printable, or print the coloring sheet & have the kid’s color it in

Published 3/15/2021

This kid’s Happy Eid giraffe printable come in two different versions: in full color and a blank coloring sheet version. That means you can do as little or as much as you want. Personally, we like to both ways. As Ramadan & Eid decor in the kid’s area and a fun Eid coloring sheet to keep the kid’s busy.

Designed by Erum Khalili. You can find an array of product from Erum here or follow her on Instagram @erumkhalili. 

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Let’s take a look!

Full Color Giraffe Printable

Choose option one: print the printable in full color and hang it up straight away! We love this magnetic poster hanger frame to hang our artwork on. The magnetic grips allows you to change it out as frequently as you’d like. (With all our other printables!) We like the teak frame and the white frame the most, but it comes in seven different colors and from 8″ to 30″ inches wide!

Islamic Printable: Imam Ghazali Quote

Coloring Page

If you want to get your kids involved, or yourself, print up the blank coloring sheet version instead. This makes such a fun printable to include in a child’s Ramadan gift basket. Or printed up, and brought to the masjid on Eid to keep the little ones busy. Here it is blank.

Islamic Printable: Imam Ghazali Quote

And colored in. The children are just going to love this Eid coloring sheet printable. Who doesn’t love this fun giraffe?!

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