Best Islamic Prayer Rugs for Adults

Beautiful, elegant, and modern Islamic prayer rugs for adults – a little something for everyone.

Published 1/25/2021

velvet islamic gift set

The best Islamic prayer rugs for adults. A list of prayer mat for every taste from affordable to luxurious, modern to classic. Just remember how often you use your rug, where you want to display, or tuck it away. All these thoughts will help you decide on which to get. And don’t forget, they can make a great gift anytime as well. May your prayers be rewarded. 

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!

Abstract Prayer Rugs – A first collection of lightweight rugs/throws

Starting at: $70

Modern & minimal prayer rugs – In a variety of colors

Starting at: £9.99

Traditional Prayer Rugs – A large selection of prayer rugs

Starting at: $10.48

Modern rugs – Prayer rugs in dark tones

Available starting at: £29.75

Travel rugs for everyone – From dots to black patterns, and made for travel

Starting at: $25.90

Patterned colorful rugs – Geared towards women with colorful rugs.

Starting at: $49 SGD

Customizable rugs – In a large variety of patterns

Starting at: $53.91

Customizable rugs – with pretty patterns

Available for: $29.99

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