Islamic Moments – Islamic Stationery & More

Elegant & high quality stationary, Ramadan decorations, journals & more. 

Published 4/19/2021

Islamic Moments – Islamic stationery & more. A classic brand out of the UK specializing in quality, beautiful Islamic stationery. But they didn’t stop there. They added mugs, journals, decor and an entire kid’s area.

Islamic Moments has the largest collection of Islamic cards and stationery in the UK. Mashallah! And you could call them the OG’s, starting in 2004. They are still as relevant with such beautiful designs. Let’s take a look!

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Decor & Cards

Let’s jump into their laser cut hanging ornaments. They make great wall decor, or could be hung from the fireplace – really anywhere. And the cobalt blue gold foiled greeting card makes for a beautiful pop of color. And speaking of the cards…

These greeting cards are luxurious and elevated. You can tell from the touch and weight that they are high quality. And an envelope is included with each card. The burgundy gold foiled greeting card says ‘Ramadan Mubarak’. You can also see the olive colored Eid Mubarak card in English and Arabic. And the black gold foiled Eid Mubarak card. And of course we can’t forget the Ramadan reflections journal. It’s the perfect lightweight journal to keep during Ramadan.

Colorful Eid Cards & White Decor

This set of six Eid Mubarak cards are super playful while being minimalist with hints of color. We love that you can pick the entire set up, including the envelopes, and be ready to distribute your Eid wishes to everyone!

Let’s talk about the cute little lantern bunting set. It’s the perfect little touch for any small space. And all you have to do is place the string through the lanterns and you’re set.

If we take a closer look we see another simplistic and lightweight Bismillah journal. It’s a blank journal ready for your every thoughts, musings, or whatever you chose.

And how about those cute hanging star, moon & arched decorations? They come in a set of three, and because they’re on a translucent fishing wire they look so seamless hanging, well anywhere.

White Eid Station

Eid Mubarak banners always comes in handy when decorating. And we love their Eid Mubarak hexagon bunting. It’s simple, but with a punch of color.

And let’s talk about the powder blue gold foiled Eid Mubarak card. We love the color and elegance of it. And that playful lantern card is a set of five color-in greeting cards that you can color in!

We also adore this Arabic arch lantern. It can be hung, or leaned against objects as decor. And of course, we included our favorite Bismillah and Ramadan reflections journals. Along with the one of our favorite cards from the set of six Eid Mubarak cards.

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