Islamic Educational Printables
by myDeen Magazine

Educational Arabic printables straight from the pages of myDeen Magazine

Published 3/1/2021

Islamic Educational Printables by myDeen Magazine

These super packed Islamic educational printables by MyDeen Magazine are straight from their magazines! We all want to instill a sense of Islam and education at in our kids, but it can be challenging. That’s where myDeen Magazine comes in. The magazines helps educate kids and get them excited to learn in an interactive way.

The magazine comes in three different age groups: ages 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12. This ensures that the activities and lessons are age-appropriate and entertaining for your little ones.  Pricing start at $9.99. If you add more children, or make it a yearly subscription, you’ll start to receive discounts. Check myDeen Magazine for more and let’s take a look at the printables below.

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The Printables

There are three  different printables packets, each for a specific age ranges: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12. All with multiple pages of learning for your kids! So print up what fits your child(rens) age range and get started.

Printables for Ages 3 – 5

Five pages of printables for the little ones. Help them learn their abcs, learn why you’re proud to be a Muslim and more.

Printables for Ages 6 – 8

Have the kids learn about Muslim inventors, do some crossword puzzles and then do a family activity together with this five page printable.

Printables for Ages 9 – 12

Learn about life-changing inventions in this five page printable along with the history of Arabic numbers and then do an Arabic number search.

Printables are for members only and intellectual property of myDeen Magazine. You may not use this or other Eid Collective printables to sell items or alter them in any way. Please do not send or distribute printables to others, once you gain access to the printables, it is for you, and you alone to print and enjoy.

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