Helpful Items to Hang your Ramadan Decorations

Temporary ways to hang decor, modern pins & outlets for all your lights

Published 3/1/2021

Helpful Items to Hang your Ramadan Decorations

These helpful items to hang your Ramadan decorations will totally help with your – well Ramadan decor. Whether it’s temporary, renter-friendly ways to hang decor so we don’t damage the walls. Or the correct sets to hang holes in the walls, we’ve got your covered. And don’t forget your lights, making sure you have slick extension cords, or ones that can handle all the lights. Prep for Ramadan now with our list!

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!

Great for lightweight temporary hangings and in a sleek color
Starting at : $5.99

Good for larger objects – Think wreaths and heavier objects
Starting at: $12.88

A good variety pack – so many hanging options
Starting at: $19.93

So many colors & sizes – good for changing artwork frequently
Starting at: $9.50

Great for a table top display – perfect for our printables
Starting at: $7

From hooks to nails – an assortment for all your hanging needs
Starting at: $8.99

7. String

Strong string – in a cute white & gold pattern
Starting at: $7.59

Clear to blend in Always a good staple for the house
Starting at: $4.99

For a more modern look – to display your artwork
Starting at: $5.99

In six different colors – to match your different metallic looks
Starting at: $12.99

A massive 24 roll variety pack – from solids, to glitter and pastels
Starting at: $12.48

Make the outlet look sleek – hide those plugs
Starting at: $24.95

AC outlets with surge protection– and USB ports
Starting at: $26.99

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