5 Programs Every Woman Should Try After Ramadan

by Jessica Daqamsseh

Continue your spiritual journey you had during Ramadan with these programs geared towards women.

Published 6/3/2021

Want to continue your Islamic spiritual high? Continue your education with Islam and strengthen your connection with Allah. Take a look at some of your options below aimed to help women.

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5 Programs Every Woman Should Try After Ramadan

Ramadan is a time of renewal. The rhythms of our day shift bringing a greater awareness of Allah’s Infinite Bounties and Mercies in our lives. Although the fasting and late night prayers can be tiring, Ramadan fills our hearts with joy, comfort, and a longing for closeness to Allah. We feel inspired to strengthen the bonds of faith both personally and communally.

Then, in the blink of an eye, Ramadan is gone. Many of us are left longing for its return. We want to continue this closeness to our Creator. We want to deepen our faith and spiritual connection. If this resonates with you, then these 5 programs are sure to increase your connectedness with the Creator long after Ramadan. 

Ribaat is a world-renowned leader in female Islamic scholarship. It’s run entirely by women and was founded by Shaykha Tamara Gray. They offer a wide variety of classes and workshops in everything from aqeedah and tajwid to health and wellness and convert care. In addition to their classes and workshops, Ribaat is part of a larger organization called Rabata, which seeks to promote positive cultural change within the Muslim world. Rabata opens the door to even more opportunities for women to connect more deeply with their faith through their tahajjud groups and retreats.

Haleh Banani is a faith-based life coach, marriage counselor, parent educator, T.V. host, and personal development expert based in Texas. With over 20 years of experience, Banani’s expertise and warm, welcoming-demeanor are sure to inspire positive change in your life. Her Mindful Hearts program provides a safe space for women all over the world to seek purpose, peace, and power. If you are looking to reduce overall stress levels and to live a more mindful, faith-focused life, then this program is one to check out.

This online learning hub is a simple, yet comprehensive, learning tool for diving deeper into the foundations of Islam. Every course is self-paced, so there’s no pressure to meet deadlines and to commit to live attendance. Their courses cover topics such as women’s purification, gender interactions, marriage & divorce, prayer, Allah & His Names, and actions of the heart, just to name a few. It’s suitable for all levels of knowledge seeking and is run by reputable scholars.

Mystic Beats is a U.K.-based organization offering online training in the Daff Drum and reciting nasheeds. This might not be your typical academically-focused class, but it’s sure to deepen your  connection to Allah and His beautiful deen in a completely unique way. Each training session lasts roughly an hour and can be completed in less than 2 months. The courses are suitable for beginners and can also be taken one-on-one.

Are you looking to maintain or to transform your relationship with the Qur’an? Sumayah Hassan is here to help. Through Recite & Reflect, Hassan offers women a simple system for developing a personally meaningful relationship with the Qur’an. Her online workshop goes beyond beautifying one’s recitation by encouraging participants to delve deeper into each ayat. Tafsir and understanding Qur’an translations are important aspects of her workshop. You can also sample her teaching style by watching her YouTube videos.

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Jessica Daqamsseh is a published poet, writer and educator from North Carolina. To learn more about her work, please visit www.jessicadaqamsseh.com or follow her on IG @j.daqamsseh

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