Six DIY Eid Gift Wrap Ideas

Why not spice up your Eid gifts with a few DIY ideas? It’s so fun to receive a beautifully wrapped gift on Eid! 

Published 04/19/2021

Six DIY Eid gift wrap ideas. Why not present someone with an Eid gift wrapped specially for them? It makes gift giving a little extra fun and customized. The six ideas below are sure to get you into the gift wrapping mood. And the recipient will be so pleased to see the cutest gift wrapped just for them. I can imagine their faces now…

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!

Grab your favorite stamps and make an adorable pattern with it
by dsstamps

A super cute pinata themed wrapping
by Wrapze

Cover a toilet paper roll with gift wrap for a cute little box
by With a Spin

Take some pom pom trim to add some whimsy to your box
by Wakhtarrr

Grab some themed washi tape and create patterns for a cute look
by Handiyman

Create your own gift tag, big enough to take over the gift.
by Girl Refurbished

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