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Published 05/12/2021

Eidparty.co.uk – festive Ramadan & Eid decor. This one-stop, massive Muslim-owned family business out of the UK has got something for everyone! We are so excited to walk you through everything we received from them and a couple of looks we put together using the decor. Let’s go!

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Ramadan Decor

We created a festive rose gold Ramadan decor look featuring a basic black and white palette with highlights of rose gold, and of course, a pop of green elements. Included those natural elements always elevates a look – even if they’re faux.

Let’s start with the rose gold Ramadan foil balloons. We love that it’s all connected and small enough to be included in any decor. Just blow it up, run a few strings through and you’re good to go! And since we’re talking about balloons. We’re loving the 12 pack of white and rose gold balloons, as are the kids!

Now let’s take a closer look. We took their cooper moons & star food servings tins and placed them upright as decor! You have to think outside of the box sometimes when it comes to decor. They look just fantastic.

Lastly, their fantastic lanterns. They have a massive selection of all sizes and styles of lanterns. We opted to combine their smaller tea light lantern with a taller brass lantern.

A Little Dose of Pink

A simple, pastel look for this Ramadan decor. To cut up the fireplace and it’s large tiles, we hung the Ramadan Mubarak banner. And sprinkled some of the 12 pack of white and rose gold balloons on the floor. And we took one of their large Eid Mubarak gift sacks to cap off the look. It’s so smart to have a handful of these burlap bags around to wrap those hard-to-wrap-gifts. Not only does it look good, but it’s so practical.

Let’s talk about these fantastic two pack of rose gold crescent moon foil balloons. They make quite a quick and easy statement for your Ramadan or Eid decor. We coupled that with our mirror and faux garland. And of course, we sprinkled those fantastic lanterns over here as well: smaller tea light lantern with a taller brass lantern.

Lastly, we hung some of our favorite, versatile geometric wooden hanging lanterns. They come in a variety of colors and designs, and can seriously be used in so many different ways.

Eid Decor

Doesn’t this just make you so excited for Eid?! Golds, balloons and gifts! On top of the Eid Party decor, we’ve added our mirror, faux garlands, and battery-operated lights to fill out the large mantel.

We have to have an advent calendar for the kids like this lightweight, rustic/shabby chic advent calendar. And of course added the white balloons out of the 12 pack of white and rose gold balloons.

And this fantastic, simple but large Eid Mubarak pennant bunting really ties everything together. On the mantel we added the smaller tea light lantern with a taller brass lantern. And hanging underneath are the super versatile geometric wooden hanging lanterns.

And of course you need your gift bags for the gifts! We love all the options they have, but we opted for the extra large felt patterned gift sack & the  Eid Mubarak gift sack.

Gift Boxes

Speaking of gifts! Eid Party has a ton of gift boxes. So cute, and so practical. They store flat, can be reused and are easy to put together! Plus you can leave them out all Ramadan because they’re so nice.

Let’s take a closer look at them. The brown ‘Eid Mubarak’ gift favor boxes, in a 6 or 12 pack are just adorable. The the taller, white ‘Eid’ Gift & treat celebration crackers in a 6 or 12 pack are super festive.

Have a larger gift? Or want to load it up with cookies for our iftar guest? We love these white & gold rectangle gift boxes. Or you can load up these pack of 12 Eid Mubarak party bags with some sweets, or cute little party gifts for the kids!

And lastly, how fun are these white & metallic Eid cracker boxes?! We really aren’t sure which ones are our favorites.

We hope you enjoyed these Eidparty.co.uk – Festive Ramadan & Eid Decor. Let us know some of your favorites below and make sure to Pin the article to Pinterest. And, as always,  make sure to follow us on Instagram for more Ramadan & Eid inspiration and sign up for the newsletter for discounts and free printables!

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