DIY Ramadan Gift Bag

Create a DIY gift set for your friends & family, and create the majority of the gift yourself!

Published 04/12/2021

Let’s make a DIY Ramadan gift bag. Maybe you’ve been wanting to hand out gifts to your friends and family during Ramadan or Eid, but you want to create it yourself. Well the ideas below have you a ton of options from a smaller gift to a super sized gift. And most of it is DIY with a few items from the store.

What’s so great about this, is you’ll have the supplies to make several gifts if you’d like! And you can customize that to who you’re giving it to. Ramadan Mubarak!

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Basic Bag 

This gift bag includes:

This gift set doesn’t need a basket. It’s an all-in-one, ready to go gift.  And it features a little of everything.  Something hand-made,  snacks, a functional bag and a little reminder during Ramadan. 

Drop it off in person or leave on the doorstep. Either way your friends will love it. 

Islamic Printable: Imam Ghazali Quote

Make it Smaller 

Maybe you’re wanting to hand out more gift bags to quite a few people. Then make it budget friendly with a smaller gift set. It still contains handmade gifts and anyone would still love to receive it. 

Super Size It 

Lastly, the super sized gift. For someone who you really want to give a fantastic gift basket to this Ramadan or Eid. Show them you love them with our larger DIY ideas. 

If you’re wanting to customize your own mug or tumbler, you’ll need a Cricut for that. We hope to bring you more Cricut files in the future, but for now, you’ll need to use your own. Or, head to your favorite store and pick up a cute mug or tumbler. We picked this one up at Target.

And of course double down on the printables by framing this black and white Muslimah printing sitting printable. Your friends will be so excited to receive this Ramadan gift!



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