Disposable Ramadan Tableware

Setting your iftar table in style – and with easy clean up.

Published 12/31/2020

Plume & Paperie

Doing dishes during Ramadan can be tedious. It’s late, you prayed Maghrib, you’ve just eaten and the last thing you want to do now is wash dishes. That’s when disposable Ramadan tableware comes in handy. Making sure your iftar table scape looks fantastic and it’s easy to clean.

But not just any random paper and plates – cute ones. Festive ones to have your Ramadan table setting in style. And we’re talking about all the disposable Ramadan tableware: plates, cups, napkins, table clothes and silverware. 

The Ramadan disposable tableware below includes Muslim owned businesses and larger retailers to round out the looks. Each one is fantastic for Ramadan table decor! As always, we’ll keep an eye out for new tableware as it comes out.

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!

1. A entire iftar tablescape – in a box
by Plume & Paperie

Plume & Paperie

Ramadan Iftar Celebration Box – A full set up for your iftar dinner – all in one box.  Don’t worry about anything else for your table, just open the box and create a beautiful tablescape.

Available for: $145 for a ten person setting

2. Elegant plates made for layering
by Eid Creations

Ramadan plates and napkins – Elegant, sculptured plates and embossed napkins. These elegant plates come in a multitude of colors. 

Available for: $4.50 for 8 plates and $4.50 for 16 napkins

3. Festive, cute gold and white
by Amasi Decor

Plates & cups – Gold and white hexagon Ramadan plates to make your next iftar table chic.

Available for: $11.99 for 12 plates

4. Colorful Ramadan tableware
by Eid Party

Everything for the tableA large selection for your table from tablecloths to straws and plates.

Available starting at: £4.99 for 10 plates & £6.99 for 10 cups

5. A classic star tableware for your itfar table
by Once Upon an Eid

Moon & star plates & napkins A matching set in gold and white 

Available for: $5.50 for 10 plates and 16 napkins

6. Pretty in pink
by Star Paper Moon

Mubarak matching set – gold and white plates, napkins & cups

Available for: $9 for 10 plates, cups and napkins

7. Classic gold plastic silverware
by Amazon

Gold silverware – 300 count spoons, knives & forks

Available for: $29.99 for 300 pieces

8. Classic silver plastic silverware
by Amazon

Silver silverware – 360 count spoons, knives & forks

Available for: $23.99 for 360 pieces

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