Children Videos on Eid al Fitr

Videos for the kids on Eid al Fitr to help them understand the holiday more

Published 05/10/2021

We’ve rounded up a few children videos on Eid al Fitr. Because we know sometimes cartoons and other kids can help to better explain Eid to your kids. There are detailed explanation videos and short ones. And even a video on Eid from a new Disney show! Inshallah these videos are helpful for you children. Eid Mubarak to you and yours!

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!

Let these Muslim kids explain Eid to your kids
by Behind the News

Naaz, Bubble and the rest help to explain Eid
by Jalebi Street

Children Videos on Eid al Fitr

Zaky takes Omar & Hana around the world to see how Muslims celebrate Eid
by Zaky One 4 Kids

A short explanation of Eid
by Studio Arabiya

Follow this family along as they prepare for & celebrate Eid
by Fayrouz Gamal

Follow Mira as she sings a song about Eid
by Disney Junior

Children’s interactive read-aloud story
by Sarahs Reads

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