Best Craft Supplies for Ramadan & Eid

Getting you ready to make all the fun crafts & printables for Ramadan & Eid

Published 2/10/2021

Best craft supplies for Ramadan & Eid that will come in handy each year. Not only will these basics help you with your crafts, but of course with all those printables! So stay tuned, because we’ve got some original DIY’s coming your way.

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!

The ultimate craft glue – No leftover glue on the craft

Starting at : $14.99

Enough cardstock for the family – Print to your heart’s content

Starting at : $13.99

Sharp scissors – Small enough to cut it all

Starting at : $5.47

Useful for cutting everything – Make every cut sharp

Starting at : $32.26

Everyday printer – Fantastic printer for all the crafts, and everyday jobs

Starting at : $139.99

6. Acrylic Paints  Metallic
by Martha Stewart

Shiny metallic – In an assortment of colors, with a great finish.

Starting at : $3.19

Solid regular paints – Basic colors in an assortment

Starting at : $17.99

Clear for the win – Making everything seamless

Starting at : $9.13

Single hole – Versatile for many crafts

Starting at : $10.80

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