Arabic Alphabet Kids Printables

Coloring sheets that teach the children Arabic as welll

Published 2/22/2021

This Islamic printable: Arabic alphabet kids printables, coloring sheets is such a beautiful way to help teach kid’s the Arabic alphabet. Featuring Alif-Baa-Taa beautiful designed by by Civilian Publishing – straight from the pages of their fantastic hardcover children’s educational word books! Children can learn from their modern, high-quality books on the: Arabic alphabet, Arabic colors, shapes & numbers and my first Arabic words. You can purchase their books from their website, Amazon and even at local retailers around the world!

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Enjoy learning and and coloring with the kids!

Civilian Publishing Books

Civilian Publishing is dedicated to providing children with educational Arabic books that are visually appealing and inspire young readers to explore the beauty of the language. Our books are designed for families of all cultural backgrounds. We have thoughtfully transliterated all Arabic words to ensure that non-native speakers can easily grasp the nuances of the Arabic language.

Islamic Printable: Imam Ghazali Quote

Alif Baa Taa: Learning My Arabic Alphabet

This one of a kind vibrantly illustrated book teaches your toddler the basics with this modern, visually appealing board book. The coloring pages below are directly taken from this book.

Islamic Printable: Imam Ghazali Quote

Alif Coloring Sheet

This adorable Alif coloring sheet helps kids to learn their Arabic. Helping the kids to color in the alphabet, along with reinforcing the letter by demonstrating in the cutest little arnab.

Islamic Printable: Imam Ghazali Quote

Baa Coloring Sheet

Maybe your kids don’t feel like coloring anything in. These printables are so cute and modern, you can jut print and hang them as is!

Taa Coloring Sheet

The toddlers can get involved with the coloring too! Coloring and learning the Arabic at the same time is a win-win for everyone.

Printables are for members only and intellectual property of Civilian Publishing. You may not use this or other Eid Collective printables to sell items or alter them in any way. Please do not send or distribute printables to others, once you gain access to the printables, it is for you, and you alone to print and enjoy.

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