Top Hijab Accessories

Want your hijab to stay in place but also look chic while doing it? Let’s take a look at some options.

Published 2/1/2021

We’ve got you covered with these top hijab accessoriesJewelry, underscarves, and ways to keep your hijab in place. And we’re not talking about our moms accessories – no shade to mom. But modern, upgraded accessories for every budget.

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!

Vela Loop – Keep your hijab in place with these cute loops in different colors

Starting at: $7

Hijab Earrings – Earrings that attach to your scarf in a multitude of styles 

Starting at: RM 45

Stylish Hijab Pins – Geometric hijab patterns in various sizes

Starting at: $15

No- Snag Hijab Magnets – Ultra strong magnets that won’t rip your scarf

Starting at: $16

Under scarves So many options like ribbed, cross front and plain in many color options

Starting at: $6

Hijab Scrunchies – 100% bamboo scrunchies in an array of hair colors

Starting at: £9

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