7 Quick & Easy Meatless Iftar Ideas

by Alexandria

One week of well-balanced, one-pan, meatless Iftars

Published 3/15/2021

Ramadan is right around the corner and as ironic as it may seem, meal planning is a pretty big part of preparing for our month of fasting! When we are going the whole day without eating, it is even more important for us to make sure we’re fueling our bodies with scrumptious, nutrient-dense food! By providing these 7 quick and easy meatless iftar ideas, you’ll be a whole week ahead! Planning out your weekly meals ensures you’ll have all your ingredients on hand and even do some prep work earlier on in the day.

In this article, I’m sharing an entire week of meatless meals for you and your family to enjoy when you break your fast! One of the physical benefits of fasting is that it allows our body’s internal systems, namely our digestive tract, to rest a bit. Taking breaks from having meaty meals supports this healing. As we know, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) did not have meat every day, so in this way, we can also intend to be following his example.

Before I jump into sharing the recipes, I’d like to share the three reasons each of these recipes are great options for your meatless Iftar:

A. Each recipe maintains a good balance of macronutrients, having some form of protein, some healthy fats, and some carbs. This means, even though you can change things up to suit you and your family, each of these can be used as a complete meal.

B. Except for a baking sheet for some sweet potatoes, each of these meals can be prepared in one pan and with minimal utensils. When you’re fasting, you want to enjoy your food without having to worry about a sink full of dishes you’re going to have to wash later.

C. Each recipe calls for pretty minimal ingredients and none of them require hours of cooking! Again, it’s Ramadan – we don’t want a ton of ingredients to deal with and we definitely don’t want to spend hours standing at the stove. On that note, most of these recipes have overlapping ingredients, which tends to be handy when you have to go grocery shopping!

Curry is pretty much a staple for Iftar! You can really mix and match and play around with the ingredients depending on your taste buds. This mixture of chickpea and potato is nice and filling. I personally like to add some sort of greens, most often spinach, along with this curry.

This is technically a breakfast meal but I’ve always prepared it for dinner. It’s super quick and simple. I personally serve it over rice but you can also have it with some bread on the side. This particular recipe has a tomato base but I’ve also seen a delicious recipe for green shakshuka with a kale/greens base.

This dish is so simple to make and super delicious! You can add a veggie that you and your family like to add another notch of nutrition! Peas and carrots or spinach are great options!

I prefer to slice my sweet potato and layer it on the top. It looks fancier and makes it truly a one-pan dish! The blend between the spice of the curry and the sweetness of the potato topping is perfect!

The Mediterranean quinoa salad by itself is a scrumptious meal but having the soft, baked sweet potato along with it really seals the deal. I’ve also cubed and baked the sweet and tossed it into the salad and that works as well! This is definitely one of my favorites!

Really easy ingredients to work with. You can use canned beans and tomatoes or fresh, whichever you prefer, and have on hand. Enjoy by itself or over top of rice. Crusty bread or cornbread also completes this meal.

You can easily serve this by itself but a soft-boiled egg on top gives it the perfect boost. You can mix and match your veggies to fit what your family loves. Also worth noting: you can totally use spaghetti noodles and it tastes amazing!

We hope you were inspired with this 7 Quick & Easy Meatless Iftar Ideas. Let us know some of your favorites below and make sure to Pin the article to Pinterest.

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