5 Ways to Involve the Kids in Your Ibaadah This Ramadan

by Anousha Vakani

Helpful and obtainable tips to help your kids increase their iman this Ramadan.

Published 04/12/2021

5 Ways to Involve the Kids in Your Ibaadah This Ramadan. Help the kids to increase their relationship with Allah this Ramadan with these simple and easy steps.

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5 Ways to Involve the Kids in Your Ibaadah This Ramadan

Even as we decorate our homes, plan out crafts to do with the kids, and marvel over all the amazing Ramadan-themed products out there this year, it helps to remember that our number one priority is spiritual growth. Whether you are able to stay on top of the Ramadan trends or not, there are some Ramadan traditions that will always be there. In this article, we cover five ways to involve the kids in your Ibaadah, the old-school, low effort, mindful way.

Recite Qur’an in front of them

Ask anyone and some of their most cherished memories are of their parents reciting Quran while they played nearby. Even if it looks like your kids are lost in their own worlds of Legos and Barbies (also arguments and tantrums), the peace and light you radiate by reciting Quran near them will stay with them into adulthood. Even if you do not read Arabic, read the English translation as you listen to the Arabic recitation.

Pray together

Look, we get it, you want to be able to pray in peace at least. And you deserve that! So for the sake of memories, set up a prayer corner and for at least one prayer a day, have everyone gather there. Have someone lead or let everyone pray at their own pace. It doesn’t have to be planned, it doesn’t even have to be pretty, have them carry the feelings of togetherness in their hearts forever.

Set your intentions

As you go about your day, signing into online classes, working, playing or whatever it is you do on a daily basis, intend to do it for Allah. Cooking? Intend to be serving your family and nourishing the bodies Allah has blessed you with. Working? Set your intention to earn a halal income and provide for your family. Involve the kids in this act of mindfulness and watch as the Ramadan barakah surrounds you!

Dhikr and Duas

You don’t have to sit down together for this. As the kids wake up remind them to say the dua for waking, as they finish eating, say the dua out loud. Make dhikr as you drive them places, as you sit down together in the quiet moments before iftar. Don’t plan this, just intend to do it when the moment calls for it.

Ten minute circle times

This one will require a tiny bit of planning. Grab a book, a free educational resource like a workbook, or a video and read and watch together. Look up the virtues of the last ten days of Ramadan, read some Ramadan-themed books together, or tune in to Ramadan shows. Discuss it and that’s all. You don’t need corresponding activities if you don’t want them.

That’s it! With a little mindfulness and the right intention, you can create the best Ramadan memories for your family while earning rewards forever as your children act on what they learnt from you and teach their own kids. May Allah make it easy for all of us!

About the Author

Anousha Vakani is an editor by day and a children’s author at night. She edits for magazines in the lifestyle and spirituality genre and her books focus on Muslim women challenging social and cultural norms. In a nutshell, she writes around the clock and can be found talking about books and wholesome representation on her platform Muslim Girl-Powered Books.

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