5 Online Programs Your Kids Will Love After Ramadan

by Jessica Daqamsseh

Muslim children & teen online programs to strength their iman.

Published 5/27/2021

Looking for an online program geared toward Muslim children & teens? Well here’s a list to keep that learning after Ramadan going strong! 5 Online Programs Your Kids Will Love After Ramadan.

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5 Programs Your Kids Will Love After Ramadan

Ramadan is a special month marked with ibadah, community, and a closeness to Allah. Many of us become drawn towards learning more about our deen and to sharing more of its beauty and light with those we love–especially, our children! Don’t let this opportunity to come closer to Allah end with Ramadan. Let it carry over throughout the year, so your family may continue to grow in faith and light together. 

Not sure where to start? We got you covered! These 5 programs are sure to have something for everyone.

Ages 2-9

Looking for fun, engaging, and relevant Islamic materials for your kids? Look no further than Noor Kids! This child-centered, evidence-based program seeks to foster a lifelong love of deen by strengthening their Islamic identity from a young age. With relatable characters and realistic plot lines, their stories are sure to leave a lasting impression. The Akhlaq building program sends a new book each month to your home and gives your family access to weekly member-only programming. Some topics covered in the books include: honesty, gratitude, modesty, prayer, friendship, and civic engagement.

Ages 12-17 (Girls Only)

RabaTEENS aims to inspire, connect, and engage Muslim teenage girls from around the world. Classes are offered online via Zoom and are held over a 5-week period. Not only do class offerings center on building a positive Islamic identity, but they also tackle a variety of life skills which will help young girls transition with ease into adulthood. Some of their upcoming courses include weekly worship, mystic beats drumming, and a journey through architecture.

Ages 6-12 (Girls Only)

The Dragonflies program seeks to instill a joyful love of Islam in young girls that will remain with them throughout their teenage years and beyond. The program is divided into 4 terms throughout the year, with each term lasting 8-weeks. Classes are interactive and entirely online, so girls from around the world can participate. Throughout Ramadan, they provided weekly programs for ages 6-8 and 9-12. Check out their website for more programs to come this summer. 

Ages 7 & Up

Qalam Institute is known for its rigorous adult Islamic studies and Qur’an programs, but did you know they also offer classes for children? For 7-12 year olds, classes focus on reading and understanding the Qur’an, building good character and manners, daily duas, and simple fiqh. For ages 13 and up, classes go beyond basics by addressing common issues and concerns that come up in their daily lives. Qalam also has a podcast and youtube channel that would complement any of their young adult and children’s classes.

Ages High School & Above

SWISS is an online-learning platform designed by Imam Suhaib Webb to provide foundational Islamic knowledge in an engaging and relevant manner for teens, college-age students, and adults. The courses are completely online and include a combination of live and on-demand options. Some classes that are currently offered for this age group are: Lives of the Prophets, Essentials of Islamic Faith, and Faith & Life: Answers for Teens. 

About the Author

Jessica Daqamsseh is a published poet, writer and educator from North Carolina. To learn more about her work, please visit www.jessicadaqamsseh.com or follow her on IG @j.daqamsseh

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