2022 Ramadan Calendars

A monthly and weekly Ramadan calendar printable

Published 3/16/2022

2022 Ramadan Calendars

You need these 2022 Ramadan Calendars. I think by now you’ve come to the conclusion that Eid Collective is here to help you out during Ramadan. So far we’ve got the Ramadan Prep Checklist, Iftar Checklist and now these super handy Ramadan calendars.

This Islamic printable was designed by Eid Collective.

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Monthly Ramadan Calendar

You need to see the entire month at a glance. What day is your parent’s iftar again? That’s why we love our 2022 Ramadan monthly calendar. It’s just so helpful and clean to make sure that you organized all Ramadan.

Islamic Printable: Imam Ghazali Quote

Weekly Ramadan Calendar

How about a weekly breakdown during Ramadan? Maybe you’re hosting an iftar and need to list out the entire menu or maybe you just have a lot of activities going on. Whatever your calendar looks like, break it down by weeks this Ramadan.

Islamic Printable: Imam Ghazali Quote

Ramadan Events Calendar

Looks like we can go back out again! So now you need to keep up with all those iftar invites, charitable events and fun activities. And keep the family’s schedules in central location this Ramadan.

Ramadan Menu Planner Calendar

One of the most popular usages for our 2021 Ramadan calendar was to plan out all those meals. You’re busy and you’re hungry. So pre planning that iftar dinner every night is so helpful. This way you have food planned and don’t have to worry anything. And you know darn well those older kids are asking you every second what’s for dinner. Go check the calendar kid.

Islamic Printable: Imam Ghazali Quote

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