2022 Favorite Crafts & DIYs for Ramadan

A roundup of our favorite crafts & DIY for 2022

Published 04/4/2022

2022 Favorite Crafts & DIYs for Ramadan

Let’s take a look at our 2022 Favorite Crafts & DIYs for Ramadan. Every year we see so many fantastic Ramadan crafts & DIYS. Not only are they so much fun to make but it’s awesome to take a pick into everyone’s creative minds. There are crafts for experienced crafts and kids. Happy crafting!

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!

An adorable Taraweeh tumbler perfect for this Ramadan
by Handiyman

Favors made from Pringles cans
by Modern.Muslim.Mom

3. Ramadan Gift Bags

Made out of paper plates
by Pysselryssen

4. DIY Moon Basket

A burlap/hessian fabric moon
by My 1st Masjid

5. Cardboard matching game

A variety of hand drawn cardboard to make a matching game
by kids_craft_dz

6. Collage suncatchers

Cut out cardboard, contact paper & nature
by Nidatastic

Ramadan wreath with floral aceents
by Faizabaigandco

A scale made out of cardboard to keep every accountable.
by She Lives Her Life

A craft for the kids to light up Ramadan
by Nada_kg_teacher

Hand stamped towels with cookie cutters & potato stamps
by Eid Collective

2022 Favorite Crafts & DIYs for Ramadan. Let us know some of your favorites below and make sure to Pin the article to Pinterest. We look forward to showcasing more ideas and fantastic brands.

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