20 Kid’s Ramadan Crafts Supplies, Activities & Kits

Grab the kids, and some craft supplies, because we’re going to create this Ramadan

Published 3/18/2022

20 Kid's Ramadan Crafts Supplies & Activities

Check out these 20 kid’s Ramadan crafts, supplies & activities. It’s a good list, if we say so. So many options from coloring shirts to full blown kits. These kid’s Ramadan activities are definitely going to keep your kids bust with Ramadan. Not only do we have some good children crafts, but I definitely think there are a few good teen Ramadan crafts.

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!

1. Lantern Threading Craft 
by Amasi Decor

Comes in a set of 6 – for crafting fun

Starting at: $16.99

2. Masjid Al Gingerbread
by Create & Crescent

A fun food craft – constructing your own masjid

Starting at: $39.99

3. DIY Mosque Table Sign
by Also Sophia

A pack of two – DIYs for the kids

Starting at: $21.97

4. Ramadan Craft Kit
by Bismilliah Box Kids

Three crafts – 2 wooden laterns and tasbeeh kit

Starting at: $24.99

5. Corner Home Masjid Kit
by My 1st Masjid

Decorate your very own masjid – at home

Starting at: £39.99

6. Paint your own Canvas
by Crescent Moon Kids

Paint your own – with several different artwork options

Starting at: $17

7. Happy Eid coloring tote
by Crown Your Occasions 

Double sides tote – to color in

Starting at: $28

8. Mosaic Tile Wooden Tray
by Craft E Muslims

Create your own – iftar tray

Starting at: $15.99

9. Ramadan 30 Day Challenge
by Hanans Crafts

Complete with coloring activities – and crafts

Starting at: $34.99

10. Ramadan Activity Bundle 
by Hearts & Crafts

Coloring in your own puzzle – and other activities

Starting at: $36

11. Giant Ramadan Coloring Poster
by Imajannation Emporium 

30 day – coloring activity

Starting at: $27.99

12. 30 Days of Ramadan Puzzle
by Yalla Kids

Color in each puzzle – all 30 days

Starting at: £26.99

13. Colour in Ramadan cards
by Islamic Moments

5 Ramadan cards – to color in

Starting at: £4.99

14. Paint Your Ramadan Scene
by The Inkspired Studio

Color in your own – Ramadan decor

Starting at: $19.99

15. Ramadan Color Shirt
by TC Creative Co

A Happy Ramadan shirt – that kids get to color in

Starting at: $18

16. Ramdan Activity Book
by The Festive Bazaar

28 page book – with different activities

Starting at: $8.99

17. String Mosque DIY
by My Workshop Decor

A DIY kit – to keep the kids busy

Starting at: $15.99

18. Banner DIY
by JC Designs UK

Banners in – 4 different colors

Starting at: $9.48

19. Stain Glass DIY
by Little Mecca Press

A fun craft – to display on your window

Starting at: $6.71

20. Ramadan Stamp Set
by D Stampss

A stamp set – with stamps, pencils and color stamp pads

Starting at: $39.99

We hope you enjoyed these 20 Kid’s Ramadan Crafts Supplies & Kits.. Let us know some of your favorites below and make sure to Pin the article to Pinterest. And, as always,  make sure to follow us on Instagram for more Ramadan & Eid inspiration and sign up for the newsletter for discounts and free printables!

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