10 Handmade Eid Outfits

Support a small business and get custom clothes made for you

Published 4/8/2022

10 Handmade Eid Outfits

We love these 10 handmade Eid outfits. You’ll be able to support small businesses and look fantastic on Eid. With ready-to-wear coats, custom dresses and flowy skirts. We hope this list helps you to look your best on Eid. Eid Mubarak!

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Let’s take a look at some of our current favorites!

1. Custom dresses and fabrics
by Dress Your Heart Studio

A dress fitted to – your body

Starting at: $90

2. Simple Kaftans
by Aryah Collection

In 8 colors – and various sizes

Starting at: $49.73

3. Ramadan Coat
by Floccus Wear

Coats for – the entire family in different colors

Starting at: $103.50

Pleated dress – with belt

Starting at: $89.19

5. High waisted skirt
by FloAtelier

Maxi skirt – with pockets

Starting at: $99

6. Abaya with belt
by Modest Nova

Flowy Abaya – in multiple sizes

Starting at: $60
Sri Lanka

7. Aisha Dress
by Annissa Boutique AU

Polka accents – in a variety of colors

Starting at: $39.18

8. Anarkali Shalwar Kameez
by Bridal Suite Collection

In various colors – with embroidered details

Starting at: $67.99

9. Maxi dress
by Kabayare

Long sleeve dress – in 2 colors

Starting at: $78

10. Linen maxi dress
by Cherry Blossom Dress

A flowy spring dress – up to 5X

Starting at: $165.42

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